2 Berita dalam Bahasa Inggris tentang Gempa Bumi di Nepal

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2 Berita dalam Bahasa Inggris tentang Gempa Bumi di Nepal


Berita 1

Earthquake victims in Nepal reach more than 7.200 people

Thursday 7 РFour more people have been rescued from the rubble a week after the devastating earthquake in Nepal killed more than 7200 people, while more international forces including the US Navy arrived in the country to carry out relief efforts. Police said that a man aged 101 years was found about 80 kilometers southwest of Kathmandu, capital of Nepal. Rescuers earlier reported three other survivors were excluded from the rubble in the northeast of Kathmandu.

On Sunday, US military aircraft including four Osprey aircraft that can take off and land like a helicopter, large appliances and air traffic controllers arrived in Nepal for the relief operation in order to reach more difficult areas which got few help since the earthquake on April 25th.

America helped to organize relief supplies in Kathmandu to distribute aid arriving from all over the world since the 7.8 Richter scale earthquake that occurred. The American ambassador to Nepal, Peter Bodde told the news agency AFP that rescue teams had various targets. They will send aid supplies, rescue and do a review.

US Brigadier General Paul Kennedy added they will immediately make the changes. Kennedy said they received equipment support, especially tents. Most people did not know the most needed is shelter, so they will begin to sort them. So that those affected by this earthquake will directly feel the impact on their lives.

Suraya Prasad Silwal, Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal said US planes will also take the victim out remote areas that suffered the worst devastation after the earthquake.

But officials say eight days after the quake, hopes of finding more survivors are faded and the death victims could reach “higher” than today. Thousands of people are still missing. The World Food Programme (WFP) is determined to expand efforts for those in need.

The UN says more than eight million people are affected by the quake and at least 2 million homeless. International Red Cross Committee has created a website for friends and families to report their lost relatives or find those who have just discovered.

Source: voa indonesia


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Indonesia Send 57 Tons of Aid for Earthquake Victims in Nepal

Indonesian government sends the second and third tranche of aid for earthquake victims in Nepal. The amount of aid weighing up to 57 tons is a form of disaster management cooperation between Indonesia and Nepal.

“This completes the commitment of humanitarian aid delivered by President Joko Widodo for Nepal. It is one of the tangible expression of Asian-African solidarity that just echoed back by the President,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi, in a press release received by Kompas. com, Saturday (05/02/2015).

Aids were sent using Garuda Indonesia aircraft A330 and Hercules C-130 aircraft belonging to the Air Force. Both aircraft arrived at Khatmandu International Airport on Wednesday.

One form of humanitarian aid brought by the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) is a large hospital tents were equipped with operating equipment and air conditioning. The facility will be needed to treat victims’ injuries from the disaster.

The second plane was also carrying 30 personnel from various government agencies and 15 volunteers who coordinated BNPB. Newly arrived personnel support will strengthen the medical team of 15 people who had arrived earlier in the first phase of aid delivery.

Furthermore, BNPB Indonesia will coordinate humanitarian assistance to Nepal under the Red and White teams. All volunteers and social organizations who participated send humanitarian team to Nepal is expected to join the team BNPB, so that the efforts made together can achieve maximum results.

An earthquake measuring 7.9 RS rocked Nepal on Saturday afternoon last week. Until Wednesday night, Nepal Police called the death toll from the devastating earthquake that hit the Himalayan country has reached more than 7.200 people. In addition, at least 10,000 more people were injured and 8 million people affected by the quake.

Source: Kompas

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