38 Contoh Kalimat Gerund bahasa Inggris Lengkap

Belajar bahasa Inggris38 contoh kalimat gerund bahasa Inggris -Seperti yang sudah saja jelaskan tentang pengertian gerund lengkap pada artikel sebelumnya. Kali ini saya hanya akan memberikan 38 contoh kalimat gerund sesuai dengan macamnya. Namun sebelumnya, kita ulas sedikit tentang gerund. Apa sih gerund itu? Yup gerund adalah kata benda (noun) yang berasal dari kata kerja (verb). Atau ada juga yang memberikan definisi gerund adalah kata kerja (verb-ing) yang berfungsi sebagai kata benda. Namun yang pasti adalah gerund itu noun yang berbentuk verb+ing. Gerund banyak sekali macamnya, sama seperti fungsi dari noun. Ada gerund as subject, gerund after preposition, gerund as object, as complement, etc. Penasaran dengan penjelasan detail tentang gerund? Yuk kita baca lagi artikelnya: Penjelasan sederhana tentang gerund.Bagaimana? sudah faham ya macam-macam gerund? Kalau sudah, sekarang kita fokus pada contoh kalimat gerund. Yuk langsung saja dilihat.

38 Contoh Kalimat Gerund bahasa Inggris Lengkap

1. Gerund as subject (sebagai subyek)- Riding bicycle around the park on Sunday morning is better than sleeping.
– Crying makes our feeling better.
– Running from your problem causes a new problem.
– Sleeping all days made you more tired.
– Writing a thesis is my hobby.
– Helping others is one of a good attitude.
– Cheating on the exam is one of corruption behavior.
– Cleaning the room alone is my morning activity before school.
– Helping another in exam is not allowed.
– Smoking in the public area would be fined $50.

2. Gerund as object (sebagai obyek)

Ada dua macam obyek (setelah kata kerja dan kata depan.

– Gerund after special verb
– Roy enjoyed reading his new novel
– She avoids talking with me
– If you had finished eating, clean the dishes.
– You must keep learning in order to be success.
– Dinda really fancies helping others.

– Gerund after preposition
– I am afraid of losing her again.
– My marriage depends on getting his permission
– I am not fond of sleeping alone.
– I am tired of explaining my absence last week.
– She is interested in having a new baby.

3. Gerund sebagai pelengkap (compliment)
– His hobby is playing football.
– The only thing she needs is loving me sincerely.
– Her favorite activity is having dinner with me.

4. Gerund sebagai penjelas kata benda / adjective (modifier)
– Let’s go to the shopping centre
– I really want to drive the racing car.
– My grandfather needs a new walking stick.


5. Gerund as short prohibition (larangan singkat)
– No parking
– No smoking
– No swimming in this area
– No fishing in this river.
– No littering.

6. Gerund after special expression (phrase)
– Would you mind opening the door for me, please?
– I can’t stand marrying her in my December.
– I can’t stop crying when seeing the war in Syria.
– I can’t help seeing him punished by my father.
– Villareal is worth being a champion league winner.
– It’s no use crying someone betraying you.
– Let’s go fishing in my own pool.

Nah itulah 38 contoh kalimat gerund bahasa Inggris yang bisa saya berikan. Semoga bermanfaat ya. Apabila kalian ingin mempelajari gerund secara sederhana dan mudah dimengerti, silakan baca artikelnya disini: Pengertian gerund dan macamnya lengkap. Terimakasih
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