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Contoh review text film the amazing spiderman 2

I will start by saying that I am a huge fan of Spider-man. I love all the trilogies worked by Raimi (yes, even the Spider-man 3) but I do not like the The Amazing Spiderman 1. I was skeptical when I wanted to watch this movie, but I was wrong and I think this second sequel is really great. Unlike its predecessor, this film is full of action, humor, and emotional. Played by the big players, the story is well-written. The action is really spectacular and the final scene makes me satisfied.

Evaluation 1 / Interpretation
The story begins when Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) struggled to maintain his relationship with Gwen (Emma Stone) after her father’s death. His actions also causes the emergence of a new enemy, Electro, a villain played by James Foxx. Peter also continue to investigate what happened to his father and reunited with his old friend, Harry Osborn. This movie is ended by the death of Gwen that makes the audience will be very emotional and sad.


Evaluation 2
However I have to criticize about this film addressed to Paul Giamatti who plays Rhino. His appearance is too over. His acting also does not show that he is a feared villain. It would be a serious problem for the next Spiderman series. So I hope he can improve his acting better than before.

Overall, I think this is the best superhero movie since the appearance of The Dark Knight Rises. The script is well-written and convincing. I am sure the next series will be outstanding superhero movie. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves Spider-man or other superhero movies.

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